Valerie Kessell Walker

artist / designer

"Them Shoes" monoprint  on Teslin

Part of the Group Show at Nine Muses

"She Lost Control" Acrylic on Panel

Part of "The Color of Sound" Benefit Show at Studio 2091

Submission for 2014 Akron Art Prize


Ce n'est pas un garcon da cuisine

Acrylic on Acetate

Monotype and Collograph hand pulled and printed



part of Pink Eye Big Book of College 2010, Featured over 50 local artist to Northeast Ohio, page 57

I was more then excited to have have a chance to do artwork on a bust in 2014. I have been wanting to do one since we started doing them. I find it a great way to be a part of the community and help raise awareness too.


“The steady beat of my heart, releases the past and embraces today and tomorrow” - I found this quote, and made it the basis for my artwork. The beat, the rhythm of the drummer on the dragon boat, the rhythm of the waves, the rhythm of the water, the rhythm of everyone working together. So the painting has a rhythm and beat to it. With every beat of your heart you live in today, not the past.